We are excited to announce that our H5 Beta Server with incredibly stable files, professional Geodata and awesome community server, all this with a perfect combination of fully DDOS protected server is now live!.

We have got the best for you and with the upcoming polls your are going to help us to decide the live server rates and configurations, don´t miss the oportunity to play the server you want.

Call your friends and Assembly the Army!

After months of testing by our developers and admins we are proud to tell you that the server is ready to be tested by our community, we are constantly working to offer you the best files in the market.

We can say that it was a hard work but that we are pleased to offer to you, we hope it will be of your complete pleasure

After a hard work from our developers we are happy to inform our dear community that we are almost ready to launch the official beta of our server, be aware that soon it will be open to the public.

Be ready for the launch.

Dear community, today we want to tell you that the advances of the server are at 70%. Our developers are working on every detail to bring you a quality server which is of your complete pleasure.

We are testing even the smallest detail of the server so that it is ready for our community, we will soon give you more information about the advances

After several weeks of searching, we hired two developers to take care of the development of the server, with the best files on the market, the best geodata, to bring you the best server we can offer, soon we will be giving you news.

similarly we continue looking for new developers for future projects.


Today we are starting to make the best H5 private server project, seeking for one or two developers to assist us make the best Lineage 2 server  files to become the greatest Lineage 2 community ever.

If you are interested and have the abilitis to be a part of our team, send a mail to [email protected]